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With years of experience in actual vending operations, our team have extensive knowledge of the industry. Our experience ensures that we know the challenges vending operators face day to day. Our in depth understanding will ensure the right advice is provided for your unique vending site, ensuring operations run smoothly and profitably. Our aim is to help operators grow their businesses with reliable machines that will see a faster return on investment.

At Automatic Retail Solutions, we source quality vending machines from around the world. We import drink, snack and combination machines that are either brand new, used or professionally refurbished. One of our specialties is the introduction of reliable Japanese vending machines to Australia. We are also official TCN vending machine agent in whole Victoria.

With a large variety of machines, we are confident that we can find one that fits your situation and budget. All machines are backed by our standard warranties and optional extended warranties. We also offer training and advice on the use of the machine, along with technical phone support with all machine purchases.

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About Japanese Vending Machines

Japan is the most biggest Vending  machine industry of the world.

There are 2500000 drink vending machines and total sales by vending machine is JPY 4736000000000 in Japan. Full scale dissemination of the Drink vending machine began in Japan from 1960s.

Using same model of machines over 50 years , WHY?

Because it’s tough, reliable, low maintenance and limited failures !


Serpentine Column system

"Japanese vending machines are not arranged in the upper row and the lower row, they are arranged vertically from top to bottom.The structure of the part that stores goods such as cans and bottle drinks has a structure called" Serpentine " Serpentine is a derivative of serpent meaning "snake" in English.

This meandering structure absorbs the falling speed of the product, so it prevents dents when products collide with each other, preventing the container from being damaged. "


Vend mech system

Equipment carry-out device of vending machine which excellent in reliability. There are the Electromagnetic solenoid and coil spring stored inside.(NO motors)

One bend mecha is attached to the bottom of each rack for storing the product and when it is confirmed that signal of purchase the product, the electromagnetic solenoid is powered on , pull the torsion coil spring and upper side of the stopper which is shaped like pinching the lowest stage product is Suppressing the second item from the bottom, the stopper supporting the lowest item is disengaged.
As a result, stopper has released and the bottom product drops to the customer door. At the same time the electromagnetic solenoid is powered off and stopper backed to the position.The second product from the bottom will be supported by the stopper and will not be discharged.


Co2 Refrigerant heat pump system

Japanese vending machine archived to convert the refrigerant used for the cooling device into the CO 2 refrigerant having the global warming potential coefficient of 1.

As the CO 2 refrigerant is also used for household water heaters, the discharge gas temperature of the compressor becomes high temperature of nearly 100°C. In the heat pump system, the heat taken from the inside of the cooling chamber is used for heating inside the heating cabinet.

As a result, It makes Hot&Cold drink available with low power consumption with Environmentally Friendly.


Water resistant rating IPX4

Japanese vending machine working perfectly under rain, snow or any environment. Nothing any problem with outside site.  It makes more site opportunity for the operators.


Live display

Japanese machine can not see inside from the customer that mean always looks good for customers even not much stock is inside. That helping operational side such as filling up timing.


Australian customise Japanese machines

We customised Japanese machine for Australian operators.

  • 600ml column which available to sell 600ml pet bottle such as Coka-cora, pepsi or almost type of drinks..
  • Customise controller which is only showing numbers (no Japanese).
  • Rainbow selection LED button that eye catching for customers..
  • Credit card option available with VCCS protocol.
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