Fuji Hybrid 30 Selection FAA30L6RT5NY

Fuji Hybrid 30 Selection FAA30L6RT5NY
  • Category: Brand new
  • Capacity: Max. 595 products (slim can)
  • Configuration: 30 selections (12can, 12pet 500ml, 6pet 600ml columns)
  • Dimension: 1181 wide x 731 depth x 1830 height (mm)
  This model is based on a serpentine system with 30 columns including 500/600 ml PET bottles. Featuring Hot and Cold functions. This vending machine is built by the famous Fuji Japan company . The Fuji Hybrid is the most widely used machine in Japan and is the symbol of reliability, low maintenance and great performance for both indoor and outdoor sites. The machine is visually appealing and is site ready.  Fuji Hybrids are arguably the best drink vendor in the industry, known for it’s reliability, energy efficiency, elegance, versatility and high capacity. Ideal for high traffic sites, the Fuji Hybrids are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with full weather exposure. The vending machine has no motors and all vends are conducted by a new DC vend mechanism. The machine features two separate temperature zones, allowing you to keep your drink selections icy cold while allowing the other compartment to serve warm drinks. Perfect for cold winters. In the this reputation. vending industry, Fuji’s are synonymous with reliability and the Fuji Hybrid upholds This model has been released with MDB and VCCS dual systems. This allows operators to run the protocol of their choice. Refrigeration runs whisper quiet and is able to chill drinks even on the hottest of days. With the flexibility of indoor and outdoor placements, this machine is extremely reliable and flexible. With both MDB and VCCS protocols, the machine is compatible with most payment systems including card payment systems. Deploy it quickly and leave it to start generating revenue. Just remember to return and refill it.
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