Fuji Twister 2

Fuji Twister 2
  • Category: Brand new
  • Capacity: 256 products (chips, chocolate bars, drinks etc)
  • Configuration: 33 selections (6 chips, 6 chocolate bars, 21 Drinks) Maximum 42 selections
  • Dimension: 852 wide x 852 depth x 1830 height (mm)
  • Weight: 176 kg

Fuji Electric is the largest manufacturer of vending machines in Japan. East Asia has had remarkable economic growth, and growth possibility of the vending machine market is high. Fuji Electric are proud to introduce a Global Flexible Vending Machine that can vend a variety of beverage and snack packages. Now available in Australia. Twistar 2 is the latest model of combo machine from Japanese technology.

The elevator lift arm delivers products gently. The products on the highest shelf are also dispensed in only 10 seconds with a high-speed elevator .

Twistar 2 is compact and has a small footprint , delivering various product types and suitable for a wide variety of locations such as cafeterias, offices, hospitals and shopping centers.

It can vend a variety products (snacks, chocolate bars, cup noodles, fruits, sandwiches , drinks) with 4 kinds of shelves which is Twist shelves, Spiral shelves, screw shelves and conveyor shelves.

For more information please download the brochure or view the video below.

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